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LA Blinds Faux Wood blinds are durable and functional. These types of blinds are suitable for bathrooms or kitchens where air humidity can deteriorate wood vents. They have as good a look as wood blinds.

Main Feature

The beauty of this faux wood blind is the beautiful sheets that print a unique natural seal that adds to the versatility of light control. The sheets of these blinds tell the story of their growth, the climate and the environmental conditions they had to endure; residing its beauty in the design of grains, knots, veins and mineral deposits that highlight the nobility and authenticity of the wood.

Exclusive Product

With collections made of laminated wood from Álamo and Tilia, responding to the current trends in decoration, which seek the rescue of rustic and original elements.

Light control

Wood curtains offer flexible and efficient light control, with the same functionality as wood blinds. With the simple turn of your sheets you can achieve ideal environments responding to the specific needs of each space.


  • Adapts perfectly to any kind of conditions.
  • Control of light and privacy.
  • Easy manual operation and also available in motorized system.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Perfect for environments with modern, contemporary and minimalist look.
  • They add privacy to the room and at the same time they are very effective when filtering the light.
  • They are functional for the care and cleaning.

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