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Our plantation shutters are mobile windows. They are used to cover windows or doors instead of using blinds or curtains. Practically, any window or door can be covered with shutters. They are designed and manufactured in solid wood according to the taste of each client and the needs of each window or door.

Benefits of LA Blinds Plantation Shutters

  • The plantation Shutters adapt to any environment and decoration style, improving the elegance of any environment.
  • They help to keep the spaces with a pleasant temperature and work as an effective thermal insulator by blocking the sun’s rays.
  • They guarantee privacy and protection through their louvers; you can adjust the amount of light and visibility to the outside.
  • They do not discolor or stain with dirt and are easy to maintain.
  • They are made with the best quality standards.
  • They are biodegradable and renewable.
  • We have a wide range of colors and styles that can be customized according to the decoration of your environment.


LA Blinds Architectural creates blinds to balance views and privacy, handle bright glare, and reduce heat.

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