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Enjoy raising or lowering the blinds remotely and also regulate the protection of the awnings with a simple touch. Discover the full range of motorization for awnings, blinds and curtains.


  • A 100% automatic shutter can be programmed so that it rises at a certain time and descends to another, taking advantage of maximum hours of light allows energy savings.
  • Safety, whether you are at home or not.
  • Investment according to your budget, you choose whether to install an automatic control of the blinds by automating a single blind or improve it by installing a 100% integral intelligent control system for all the blinds inside the property.
  • Different alternatives of motors and systems according to the blind, awning or curtain, measurements and weight of the fabric.


  • Clean the blinds, awnings or curtains periodically so that they do not accumulate dust that could damage the motor.
  • Charge the batteries regularly.
  • Do not immerse in water or liquids.
  • In case of failure or reconfiguration, consult our Sales Advisor.

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