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LA Blinds offer maximum quality on vertical blinds components with a long life guaranteed. Our vertical blinds are a practical and intelligent solution. Ideal for large windows, sliding doors, curved and staircase windows, they are available in wide range of designs and colors with different finishes from plain fabric to wood colors that perfectly meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Advantages of vertical blinds.

  • Uniform appearance from the outside.
  • Created to give a modern look to any space, whether commercial or residential.
  • The vertical blinds are ideal for large glass surfaces, allowing higher measurements in width.
  • You can overlap the curtains in different planes, making sure that the image of continuity is not lost even when there are different curtains.
  • They can be operated in different ways, adapting to any customer need.
  • They are easy to clean, since the slats located at the end of the guide are ready to be manually removed.


  • Do not manipulate the fabrics with your hands, use the cord.
  • Keep the panels away from sharp objects.
  • Handle it gently to avoid detaching the rails or breaking pieces.
  • Use lubricant every so often for the rails, taking care not to stain the fabric.
  • Avoid the passage of people between the fabrics especially when the panel s are used to separate spaces
  • In the case of being used in sliding doors whenever the door is open the panel must be collected to avoid wind damage to the fabrics or the system.
  • Do not use washing machines for cleaning, dry cleaning.
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids.
  • In case of stains clean gently with a wet wipe.
  • In case of a lot of dirt, it is suggested to contact us for maintenance.

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