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Our Wood blinds provide the optimum balance of strength, weight lightness and acceptance of spots. Available in a wide selection of wood and imitation wood finishes; wood blinds are the natural choice for almost any decoration for warmth, durability and versatility. Like fine furniture, wood blinds reflect a lasting level of quality and craftsmanship.

Product Definition

LA Blinds wood blinds are a natural, elegant and very functional product that adapts with any environments, adding comfort and style to your home. Our wood blind are made with the highest quality wood. Part of the beauty of this natural component is the intensity of the color and the unpredictable shape of its grain, this is the reason why all the variations presented by the wood blind are normal and are considered within industry standards.

Characteristics of Wood

The beauty of wood consists of a variety of natural elements constituted by a series of veins, knots, textures and variations in natural color. These distinctive marks serve to confirm the authenticity of the wood.

Why wood blinds are a good choice for decorating your home

The wooden blinds come with details that complement the decoration of your house and all its spaces; like bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens and in many occasions the bathrooms, finding different styles and designs that you can use.
The wood blinds have a sophisticated design and at the same time, practical and functional which provides comfort and glamour as only the natural beauty of wood can provide.
The wooden blinds are the most versatile when it comes to controlling the light that enters a room, you can let the light through, you can block the light completely by closing the slats, you can also lift the blind to leave the window completely visible, or regular the slats to handle the light input.
Our wood blinds come in several interesting styles and colors, depending on the color scheme that you find inside your home, you can get wooden blinds that blend with the decoration. So, if you’re looking for a better way to keep your home cool and let in natural light without compromising your privacy, Our wood blinds could be what your home needs.


  • Do not manipulate the fabrics with your hands, use the cord.
  • Keep the panels away from sharp objects.
  • Handle it gently to avoid detaching the rails or breaking pieces.
  • Use lubricant every so often for the rails, taking care not to stain the fabric.
  • Avoid the passage of people between the fabrics especially when the panel s are used to separate spaces
  • In the case of being used in sliding doors whenever the door is open the panel must be collected to avoid wind damage to the fabrics or the system.
  • Do not use washing machines for cleaning, dry cleaning.
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids.
  • In case of stains clean gently with a wet wipe.
  • In case of a lot of dirt, it is suggested to contact us for maintenance.

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