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If you want to get more dark in your property, we recommend choosing blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are frequently used in bedrooms, TV rooms or home theater, because they block almost completely the penetration of sunlight and UV rays allowing you better quality in your rest or enjoy a movie in the company of your family.


The blackout curtains decorate and provide numerous benefits for modern life, they are able to adapt to any type of decoration. They also help you save money on heating in the winter season and on air conditioning in the summer season.

Benefits of using blackout curtains

  • Easy maintenance and high durability.
  • Elegance and simplicity in one piece.
  • Ideal for residential spaces.
  • Effectively protect furniture and floors from the sun’s rays.
  • Reduce the outside noise.
  • They are manufactured in soft materials and low static with fine fabrics, flexible and easy to handle.
  • One of the best pleasures in this life is to sleep so a blackout curtain will make your sleep relaxing; it will also help you to maintain an enjoyable temperature in your room by providing you warmth in winter and freshness in summer.


  • Do not apply force when trying to raise the blind, handle it gently
  • Avoid manipulating the fabric with your hand
  • Avoid the fabric on the sides rubbing with foreign objects or sharp
  • When cleaning take care in case of using brushes these are of soft bristles
  • Do not use washing machines for washing, cleaning or dry cleaning
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids
  • In case of a lot of dirt it is suggested to contact us for maintenance

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