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The Pleated shades are a classic of the decoration, through the LA Blinds line we conserve the concept of these curtains and combine it with materials of first quality, innovative and sophisticated designs, as well as different functionalities, resulting in a great luminosity that defines decorates environments.


Because they occupy minimal space in the window, they provide you with comfort and functionality. They are available in a wide range of textures and colors with different levels of transparency and privacy.

Materials and functionality

  • Manufactured with materials of excellent quality and with multiple functionalities that bring great luminosity to the environments.


  • Wide variety of textures, sizes, styles and colors that adapt to any home decoration.

Aesthetics and visibility

  • The LA Blinds line curtains have very aesthetic finishes and occupy a minimum space in the window, always allowing the best visibility to the outside.
  • Pleated blinds are the ideal option for different solutions that can be presented to us, such as triangular, arched and other windows areas.
  • Their fine folds are made to never lose their shape or their color.
  • There is a wide variety of fabrics and colors; we have natural and transparent colors, even opaque not letting light pass.
  • They have a special treatment that prevents accumulating dust and dirt.
  • They occupy a minimum space with special systems for each type of window. You have the option of making them motorized.


  • Do not apply force when trying to raise the blind, handle it gently
  • Avoid manipulating the fabric with your hand
  • Avoid the fabric on the sides rubbing with foreign objects or sharp
  • When cleaning take care in case of using brushes these are of soft bristles
  • Do not use washing machines for washing, cleaning or dry cleaning
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids
  • In case of a lot of dirt it is suggested to contact us for maintenance

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Excellent products start with fantastic design. We believe that well designed window shade do more than simply cover a home window.