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Thinking about the best optimization of the space, the Rolling Curtains are the perfect alternative to cover the windows and control the entrance of light, Rolling curtains are ideal for residential and corporate spaces. They maintain an excellent price-functionality. With the wide range of available fabrics that meet different purposes and needs, they effectively protect furniture, and floors from the sun’s rays.


Main Feature

The operating systems are very friendly, facilitating the opening and closing of the curtain with minimal effort, including those of large size. We offer specialized systems that reduce the amount of force required to operate. Remote control motorization system is available, which combines high performance with silent operation based on radio-frequency; the remote control has “touch” functionality and offers a superior aesthetic level.

Main feature

  • Wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures to offer a greater number of decoration options.
  • Large dimensions.
  • We offer exclusive systems that allow to operate large curtains very easily and without great effort.
  • Functionality and decoration.
  • The wide range of available fabrics allows to cover different needs of decoration and to protect the spaces of the UV rays in multiple levels.


  • Do not apply force when trying to raise the blind, handle it gently
  • Avoid manipulating the fabric with your hand
  • Avoid the fabric on the sides rubbing with foreign objects or sharp
  • When cleaning take care in case of using brushes these are of soft bristles
  • Do not use washing machines for washing, cleaning or dry cleaning
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids
  • In case of a lot of dirt it is suggested to contact us for maintenance

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Excellent products start with fantastic design. We believe that well designed window shade do more than simply cover a home window.