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Sliding panel curtains are a specially designed curtain and a perfect solution when installing large windows and sliding doors. They consist of several canvas or independent panels that overlap each other when running on a flat rail, Sliding panel curtains are manufactured with different types of fabrics and styles.


  • Control of light and privacy.
  • Easy manual operation and also available in motorized system.
  • Extensive variety in textures and colors.


  • Adapts perfectly to any kind of conditions.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Perfect for environments with modern, contemporary and minimalist look.
  • Specials to cover large spaces from floor to ceiling.
  • They add privacy to the room and at the same time they are very effective when filtering the light.
  • They are functional for the care and cleaning.
  • The panels are attached to the rail by a Velcro, making it easy to unhook it for washing.


  • Do not manipulate the fabrics with your hands, use the cord.
  • Keep the panels away from sharp objects.
  • Handle it gently to avoid detaching the rails or breaking pieces.
  • Use lubricant every so often for the rails, taking care not to stain the fabric.
  • Avoid the passage of people between the fabrics especially when the panel s are used to separate spaces
  • In the case of being used in sliding doors whenever the door is open the panel must be collected to avoid wind damage to the fabrics or the system.
  • Do not use washing machines for cleaning, dry cleaning.
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids.
  • In case of stains clean gently with a wet wipe.
  • In case of a lot of dirt, it is suggested to contact us for maintenance.

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