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The LA Blinds Zebra shades curtain, in addition to covering the windows, allows you to enjoy the exterior landscape while maintaining the intimacy of the spaces and providing excellent control of light penetration. With an avant-garde design, it is composed of a double cloth with delicate opaque and translucent horizontal bands that overlap each other, graduating the luminosity and visibility to the exterior. They offer a wide variety of collections with fabrics in colorful, dynamic colors, with delicate textures and different band sizes to create spaces with unique character. You can choose them with a wireless motorization option with silent operation for greater comfort and safety when operating the curtain.


Main Feature

Thanks to the vanguard design of the Zebra shades curtain, you can achieve environments with great lighting and at the same time total privacy.

Excellent Light Control

The double fabric with horizontal bands that overlap each other achieves excellent control light and privacy, all through a smooth movement.

Wide Range of Fabrics and Textures

Fabrics are available with different textures and two levels of opacity: translucent and Room Darkening, according to the latest decoration trends.


  • They are decorative and offer their spaces a modern atmosphere
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Allow the control of light, modulating the privacy of their environments according to their needs.
  • Offer different levels of transparency and privacy thanks to the double fabric system.
  • Very resistant especially if they are used in areas such as the kitchen.
  • They are ideal in those environments where the space of the window is limited or windows that do not reach the ground where other types of blinds or traditional curtains would bother because of their large volume.
  • Eligible in screen and translucent fabrics.


  • Do not apply force when trying to raise the blind, handle it gently
  • Avoid manipulating the fabric with your hand
  • Avoid the fabric on the sides rubbing with foreign objects or sharp
  • When cleaning take care in case of using brushes these are of soft bristles
  • Do not use washing machines for washing, cleaning or dry cleaning
  • Do not use detergents or abrasive liquids
  • In case of a lot of dirt it is suggested to contact us for maintenance

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Excellent products start with fantastic design. We believe that well designed window shade do more than simply cover a home window.